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Eye disease treatment solution through proprietary three-wavelength light fusion technology (MEDI-EYE prototype developed)

We have derived optimal light irradiation parameters for LEDs composed of three wavelengths, optimized LED arrangement through optical simulation, and built a control system that enables quantitative light irradiation by modularizing the control circuit of the light source. Therefore, an accurate treatment recipe including light irradiation energy size (W/cm2) and irradiation time (sec) according to the disease and patient condition can be configured, and efficient treatment is possible as the irradiation light can reach the retina of the eye without loss. In addition to patients with eye diseases, it can also be used for the comprehensive purpose of improving eye health.

SW-based app development for personalized treatment

It is possible to control the parameters of the treatment recipe for personalized treatment based on the treatment recipe according to the degree of pathology of the eye disease. Therefore, the user’s eye condition can be checked and treated in real time. By using RWD, it is possible to move from disease-specific treatment to evidence-based personalized treatment.

[RWD, Real World Data, actual clinical data that synthesizes treatment records / health information, etc.]