Hong Kong’s InnoEX and Electronics Fair Spring Edition 2024: Where the world’s electronics marketplace meets innovation (Sponsored)

Hong Kong, a dynamic and innovative city, is gearing up to host two of the year’s most eagerly awaited technology events: The 2nd InnoEX, Asia’s Most Anticipated I&T Event, and the 20th edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2024.

Set to take place from April 13th to 16th, 2024, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) will transform into a hub for the latest in technology, presenting an array of smart city solutions and innovative products from all corners of the globe. This year, the theme “World’s Leading Electronics Marketplace” perfectly captures the essence of these events, setting the stage for a remarkable display of technological progress and inventive thinking.

Last year, they drew an impressive crowd of over 66,000 buyers from 160 different countries, and the buzz suggests that this year will be even more spectacular. InnoEX is geared up to showcase cutting-edge advancements in areas like digital business, governance, and logistics. Meanwhile, the Electronics Fair is preparing to dazzle with its themed zones such as Tech Hall and Start-up Zone, featuring an eclectic mix of technologies ranging from virtual reality to the latest in health tech.

The two exhibitions boast a total of over 3000 exhibitors from over 20 countries, regional organisations, and companies, including Hong Kong, Canada, Mainland China, France, the UK, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India, and others, participating in the exhibition. This diverse participation underscores the global interest in smart city innovations and the role of technology in shaping our future.

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Exhibitor Insights :

Dr Sangkeun Lee, CEO of Mediiot stated: “Our participation in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair marks a significant milestone in expanding our reach within the tech industry, particularly in the medical device field. The fair offers us a unique platform to showcase our PBM-based MEDI-EYE smart glasses for dry eye treatment. Our product not only aligns with the current smart city trends by offering a home care solution for eye diseases but also addresses the growing demand in the medical technology field. We are excited to contribute to smart city development with our innovative, user-friendly, and non-invasive treatment options, highlighting the importance of accessibility and convenience in medical care.” 

Mr Dao Hong Wang, CEO of APEX Powerlab said: “We are thrilled to participate in InnoEX, leveraging this opportunity to introduce our scientific concepts and technology solutions to a global audience. Our flagship product, the intelligent engine emergency start system, directly addresses common challenges such as battery ageing and vehicle start failures, especially under extreme conditions. This innovation is not only a testament to our commitment to solving energy sustainability and pollution issues but also aligns with the smart city development trends. By showcasing our battery safety and usage reduction technologies, we aim to lead the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future in energy management.” 

InnoEX and the HKTDC Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2024 are more than just trade shows; they are a glimpse into the future of technology and innovation. They provide a unique platform for exhibitors to showcase their groundbreaking products and for visitors to experience the next wave of technological evolution. Register today!


InnoEX: An esteemed business platform that serves as a showcase for next-gen smart solutions, and cutting-edge technologies across various domains. These encompass digital business, governance and infrastructure, logistics and mobility, manufacturing and materials, smart space, sustainability and more. The fair brings together an extensive range of global tech giants and companies, including pavilions from France and Canada, among others. The exhibitors will showcase groundbreaking innovative products and solutions that play a pivotal role in the development of smart cities worldwide.

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair: A landmark event in the tech industry calendar, this fair is renowned for bringing together the latest in electronics from around the world. Featuring exhibitors from various sectors, the fair offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the newest trends and products in consumer electronics, health tech, robotics, and more. It’s a place where industry leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts converge to discover what’s next in the world of technology.

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